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Sell Wholesale Products For High Profits Without Ever Having To Carry Any Inventory...Or Lay Out Your Own Cash!

Dear Friend,

My name is Nick Destafano and I make a living by buying low and selling high using wholesale drop shippers.

I'd like to show you how you can do this as well, and live the life you've always dreamed.

I got started with this in 2002 when I decided I'd like to add some money into the mix while attending college.

After some research I stumbled upon drop shipping. This just seemed like such a no-brainer to me.

You buy exclusive brand name products at incredibly reduced prices and when someone buys them from you, they're drop shipped directly from the wholesaler.

So you don't have to carry any inventory, you really don't have out of pocket expenses, and you don't have to concern yourself with the drawbacks of owning a retail store. You can profit just by using wholesale drop shippers.

While I had some minor success at first...the truth is that I hadn't hit any home runs.

You see...there is a prevailing issue with many of the providers of wholesaler information. And that issue is that the wholesale prices are not much different than standard retail prices.

So, if you are ever able to get a sale marketing these supposed wholesalers products, your profits are next to nil.

At first, it seemed most of what I was coming up with were the alleged wholesalers that only allowed me to buy high and sell low. Rest assured...this is not a formula for success.

" don't have to concern yourself with the drawbacks of owning a retail store."

But, I was thoroughly convinced that this could be done. I had read many success stories about companies that were basically set up just to buy at wholesale, sell at retail, and profit.

That's all they did. They didn't create their own products or carry any inventory or have any of the hassles that go with those things.

So, I dug in big time and spent a couple of years and a lot of my own money to locate the top resources which would allow me to do exactly that.

It took a while...yes, quite a while...but I *did* eventually find the top resources that would allow me to buy low and sell high...

These were the kinds of drop shipping wholesalers that would allow for good profits, without carrying an inventory, and without much in the way of out of pocket expenses.

Here's What I Found!

And there you have it. Over the course of several years I had assembled the resources and the means with which I would be able to earn a full time living by selling other products for fantastic profits.

But...I didn't stop there. You see I had a number of friends and associates that were always prodding me and asking me what I did and how I did it.

"If you want to start your own ecommerce business this is just what the doctor ordered..."

After showing several of them how to do this successfully for themselves, I recognized something very important.

There were many people out there...perhaps some just like you, that were either specifically interested in finding the same types of phenomenal resources I had located, or that were just looking to create a better life for themselves.

It didn't take me long to decide that I would help anyone that wanted it.

With that thought in mind...

"Drop Shipping Wholesalers was born..."

Customer Testimonial"I have always wanted to own and run a online store, but had no idea where to start and certainly did not have the large amount of the cost that would had been involved to create a store myself. I never knew about drop shipping but after some Google search I came across drop shipping wholesalers who offered to build a store for me at a low fantastic price, so I gave it a shot. I was stoked with how fast my store was up and running and the service I received when I needed help with personalizing my store. Fast reply emails, great  forum, and the list of wholesalers are all active and up to date. Thanks! Nick to you and your team for the opportunity.



I built this business for folks like you that are looking to make a better life for themselves.  I built it for people that want to easily find the best quality products at the lowest possible price.

I built it so that you don't have to experience the same things I went through and that you have every possible opportunity for success.

Imagine what you might do with your time if you no longer had to work for someone else.  Imagine never having to answer to anyone ever again.

Think back to when you were younger and you dreamed all those wildly vivid and incredible dreams of all the exciting things you'd do in your life.

Well, the opportunity to make those dreams a reality is knocking on your door right this very instant.

Will you answer?

Here's A Hint Of What You're Going To Get As A Drop Shipping Wholesalers Member -

  • Real Wholesalers & Drop Shippers - Many of our competitors only give you access to the middlemen.  And that's what makes it a losing proposition for you.  Those middlemen...they'll kill your profits.  At Drop Shipping Wholesalers you will have hands on access to actual wholesalers ensuring you maximum profits!

  • Lifetime Access To The Drop Shipping Wholesalers Database - Once you're a member, you're always a member.  No worries about ever having to renew here because once you sign up you are a lifetime member entitled to all the benefits for as long as you desire.  Your information will always be current because the drop shipper and wholesaler database is constantly updated.

  • 10 Day Step by Step Drop Shipping eCourse -  I've developed a 10 day step by step and detailed eCourse that will teach the beginners how this business works and how to be profitable and advanced users how to quadruple your profits selling online using my techniques.  From the day you sign up you'll get your first lesson instantly.

  • Members Only Forum - In this exclusive member only forum you can communicate with your fellow members to see what's working for them, how they're doing, and you can use it to network with like minded individuals.  This is like having your own live instructor 24-7.  Our members are incredibly friendly and are always helping one another out. Learn from the gurus that know what works and what doesn't! The information you get from the forum alone is priceless!

  • Real Support - Yes you get true support.  Drop Shipping Wholesalers really wants you to succeed.  Once you become a member you'll have immediate access to step by step training packages.  These trainings will walk you through everything you need to know to profit from these massively discounted products.  It doesn't matter your level of experience, we have success stories from people that have never even had their own email address before they became members.

It is our mission to make sure that you succeed.  No stone has been left unturned, and every detail has been handled, so you are only left one make money and live your dream!

The very second you join this  site you will be privy to all the great member resources. The database of over 500,000 in-demand products will knock your socks off.

Don't be surprised if you don't start shopping through these very same resources to save yourself a bunch of money.

"A Small Sample Of The Incredibly **In-Demand**
Products In Our Database..."

Colors and exact models may differ in the eBay listing, but these examples are to give you
an idea of the discounts you get when you join!
And yes the name brands listed below are available to our members!

Fendi Selleria Handbag
Retail: $1100.00
eBay Buy It Now Price: $1100.00
Member Price: $449.00
Remington MS-5500 Shaver
Retail: $99.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $99.00
Member Price: $22.49 
Bed Head Tourmaline Straightener
Retail: $59.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $59.99
Member Price: $34.29   
Coby Portable Tablet DVD Player
Retail: $249.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $189.99
Member Price: $14.11
iPod Executive Audio System
Retail: $129.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $79.97
Member Price: $35.99
Swann MaxiBrite Camera
Retail: $109.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $108.89
Member Price: $44.99
BlackJam iPod w/ Cord Control
Retail: $17.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $19.95
Member Price: $2.93
Attractive Solar Wall Lantern
Retail: $39.95
eBay Buy It Now Price: $42.00
Member Price: $20.90
Garmin NUVI w/ Bluetooth GPS
Retail: $399.00
eBay Buy It Now Price: $275.00
Member Price: $208.33
Euroflex Floor Steamer
Retail: $175.00
eBay Buy It Now Price: $129.99
Member Price: $58.88
Digital Photo Frame & Clock
Retail: $79.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $64.99
Member Price: $39.19
Nokia 5250 Cell Phone
Retail: $229.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $196.54
Member Price: $140.00
Burberry Brit Perfume Gift Set
Retail: $149.00
eBay Buy It Now Price: $99.00
Member Price: $56.87
Samsung F40 Camcorder
Retail: $349.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $125.00
Member Price: $117.00
Nike Flight Neckband Headphones
Retail: $19.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $19.99
Member Price: $12.73
Baseball Fielding Glove
Retail: $89.95
eBay Buy It Now Price: $34.99
Member Price: $17.99
Halter Wedding Gown
Retail: $600.00
eBay Buy It Now Price: $315.99
Member Price: $36.57
Hello Kitty 5 MP Digital Camera
Retail: $109.99
eBay Buy It Now Price: $110.01
Member Price: $59.99

To see more product price examples click here.

As you can see, these amazing deals aren't for off brand, "never heard of that" these are name brands that most consumers recognize in an instant!

I could go on forever because there are just too many brand name, in-demand products in the Drop Shipping Wholesalers database to list! We even have suppliers of wine, candles and gift baskets all ready to be drop shipped!!

You'll have exclusive and immediate access to all of them the second you join. And getting started is a snap!

All the guess work has been taken out so that your time to profit is next to nothing.  You could literally join now, and be profitable within hours. In the member's area you'll find the most up to date marketing techniques that you'll be able to use to dominate on eBay, with your own web site, or with one that we build for you.

The web sites that we build for our clients are very professional and have been designed for optimal results.  By utilizing one of these sites you'll put our years of marketing experience to work for you, so you can profit.

You'll also receive...

Over $250,00 in free eBooks and marketing tools are supplied so that you have a totally unfair advantage over your competitors.

You'll even get advertising credits so you can start your profitable marketing campaigns immediately! will be getting everything you need to be successful in this business. will be getting tools you need to be successful in this business.

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Your information is secure with us. We hate spam too and we will never rent,
sell or lease your personal information to anyone...ever.

Customer Testimonial"Hi, I just have to say how pleased I was when I discovered that Drop Shipping Wholesalers was not just another company out to get your money then drop you like a hot potato! I have had loads of good advice and more importantly, the advise was founded on practical know-how and common sense, I wasn't abandoned to discover all of the pitfalls on my own and I now have the added bonus of a fantastic network of support and tools to enable me to improve my knowledge of e-business.   I am still relatively new to the game and had floundered for quite some time and wasted a considerable amount of money as well as time trying to get my store off the ground. Thanks to the invaluable information and support I received from Drop Shipping Wholesalers I have started earning regularly and am now gaining confidence along with customers in my business venture. I would definitely say a great big thanks to everyone at drop shipping wholesalers they are a class act!

Heather Proudlock
United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial"Nick,  

A standing ovation is in order for; the web site looks awesome!  

I really never thought it would be so easy to make money online!"  

Royce Hood

"Get Ready For Profits!"

Have you struggled to find the online success you've dreamed of?  If you've been struggling to make money online and you've been trying to find your way...

There are a number of avenues you can take when it comes to having your own Internet business. many of them require capital, time, and resources that are just too difficult to put together very quickly.

It is so much more efficient to buy fantastic in-demand products at wholesale prices, and sell them for a profit through eBay, your own web site, or one we build for you.

And, because so many of the wholesalers in our database are drop shippers too, you dont have to be out of pocket.  It's a simple concept.

To be absolutely sure that you are taking home maximum profits there are a couple things you'll want to avoid...

In addition to everything else, your membership in Drop Shipping Wholesalers is completely supported with our exclusive members only forum, and our helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous support staff.

Prepare yourself for what's about to become of your life.  Start thinking about what you'll do with your free time, and the extra income you'll be bringing home.

This is as turnkey as it gets because you'll be able to turn around and sell these products for profit through eBay, your own web site, or one we build for you.

Everything you need to know about marketing these products for you has been mapped out in a clear and concise step by step fashion, so that even the most novice marketer will have no difficulty understanding.

I can almost hear you thinking, "How do I get started?"

It's incredibly simple really...

Drop Shipping Wholesalers Lifetime Memberships are broken down into two easy to understand member plans...

Basic Plan
  • Access to over 1000 true wholesale suppliers/drop shippers
  • Over 500,000 total wholesale drop ship products in 50 categories
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to the members only forum
  • $250 in free marketing eBooks and tools
  • 10 Day Step-by-Step Drop Shipping eBooks

Platinum Plan
  • Access to over 1000 true wholesale suppliers/drop shippers
  • Over 500,000 total wholesale drop ship products in 50 categories
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to the members only forum
  • $250 in free marketing eBooks and tools
  • 10 Day Step-by-Step Drop Shipping eBooks
  • Turnkey ecommerce website loaded with products
  • 250 FREE business cards with your logo/site name
  • Free domain name ( you're probably wondering how much you'll have to invest in one of these plans to become a lifetime member....

Please read on for just a moment...because you're also going to have access to incredibly popular products just like these when you join.... 

Misty Mate Cooling Fan
Retail: $29.99
Member Price: $11.99
InStep Jogging Stroller
Retail: $199.99
Member Price: $69.99
Dirt Magic Auto Vacuum
Retail: $24.95
Member Price: $4.96
10 Piece Trendy Hats
Retail: $260.95
Member Price: $60.51
TomTom GPS Navigation
Retail: $259.00
Member Price: $98.88
Dreamgirl Reversible Bikini
Retail: $89.99
Member Price: $18.75
Customer Testimonial"Nick, I just have to write to you to express my extreme satisfaction with the fantastic service you have provided to me through I don't know how you can give such great value for the small one-time fee you charge, and I say that as a 62 year old guy who has grown companies all his working life. You managed to get me up and running with my first freebie web site within just 3 weeks of me starting on the road of e-commerce and already that site is earning useful money. Now I have 2 more sites running and I know how to promote them to good effect. Your "support" facilities have been invaluable to me and I have appreciated your integrity in only referring the best suppliers and tools out there. That alone has cut short the steep learning curve that confronts any newbie. If you want to use this letter of thanks and appreciation for testimonial purposes, feel free. I would be happy to talk with any future prospects to provide reassurance that they will benefit greatly from the service you provide. Keep up the good work Nick.  

Best regards,
United Kingdom're still wondering just how much your investment will be to get on board...

If you act today and you sign up for the Basic Plan you'll get immediate access to hundreds of drop shippers, access to over 500,000 hot products (like the ones seen above), unlimited email support and a lifetime membership incredibly low one time investment of only $47.

If you act right now and join the PLATINUM PLAN you will get access to everything you see in the Basic Plan, but you'll also receive your very own turnkey eCommerce web site stocked with products, and a FREE domain name for a very low one-time investment of only $167

The Platinum Plan eCommerce web site is built by professionals with years of experience marketing in this industry, and you'll get to put all that experience to use for your business.  Imagine the ability to cross-promote, upsell, and truly leverage your customers... 

Your eCommerce web site comes with:

Check out some of our members sample sites....

Want to see more sites? Click here...

Customer Testimonial"This is a great investment for anyone that wants to make money in there spare time or start there own business. This company has great customer service and all my questions were answered in 24 hours or less.  As a platinum member they designed a web site for me with great products that I choose. In as little two weeks I can be making an extra $200 to $300 just in my spare time. Just think what I or you could be making in 6 months. I am totally amazed what I got for such a small investment with this company I recommend it to anyone that is looking to make some extra money.

Thank You,

Johnathan McClelland

Consider This...

"You're About To Profit  And Make Money Anytime You Want, From Over 500,000 Of Your Very Own Drop Shipping Wholesalers Products!"

The hard work has already been done for you.

When you join you will have immediate access to everything you need from products, product resources, to the tools you need to market those products.

Once you join, you are a member forever... And there are NO "fine print" fees.

Once you see how easy and profitable this is, you'll never be willing to market any other way again.

With everything that you get with both the Basic and Platinum Plans, I'm practically giving them away.

The Basic Plan is a paltry one time investment of $47. You couldn't even buy a dinner for two these days with that kind of money.

For just a few dollars more you can get a free domain name and a fully functional turnkey web site that will allow you to plug and profit...all of this for only a one time investment of $167.

 56 Day Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
I'm so sure you will be happy with my offer and all the FREE bonuses that I will refund your money if you're not satisfied. The bonuses are yours to keep for free, so try it out..

A couple of sales, which you'll be able to make very quickly, will easily pay for this investment.

"Once you see how profitable this is, you'll never be willing to market any other way again."

Wondering what will happen if you don't do anything? Simple. You'll be left to watch those folks pass you by. Don't let that happen ever again. Act now and be profitable today!

To Your Massive Success,

Nick DeStefano

P.S. - Drop Shipping Wholesalers members have access to over 500,000 in-demand products and 1000+ wholesalers and drop shippers, including 10 Chinese wholesalers (where the crazy deals happen). Join today and get your access to these exact same resources and finally get started with your own profitable business.

P.P.S. - Most sites in this industry will charge more and give you less. Both the Basic and Platinum plans will be paid for with just a couple of sales with your new resources. Everything you need to know is laid out for you step by step.

Customer Testimonial"Well folks, there are Newbies and then there are NEWBIES. Unfortunately I do believe I belong to the latter group. I have been frustrated beyond measure with the hype and false information that is out there. I work from home already and have the time to research, so I really have been taking this seriously and been working diligently to start up my e-business. I started researching e-marketing about 3 weeks ago and I honestly have been to hundreds of websites. Here is why I keep coming back to Drop Shipping Wholesalers.

1. The Home page is clearly structured and easy to follow.
2. Great user information in the Forums
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY excellent feedback, help and direction from the site itself.

I doubt I am the only one on the net struggling to figure out all of this, however, I am one of the few who has found a resource that is reliable and so quick to respond! Thanks you Nick for your attention to detail and customer service!"

LJ Lister Haynes

Wait, Here's More FREE Bonuses for joining!

Auction Alert Bonus

Do you spend a lot of time searching for items on eBay JUST IN CASE
something great has been listed since you last looked? Are you
interested in snapping up Buy-It-Now bargains but can never get in early
enough? Then you need Auction Alert!

Auction Alert brings eBay to your desktop. Use it to search for items,
save your favorite searches for Buy-It-Now auctions, regular auctions
and eBay stores.

Best of all... Auction Alert can automate your searches so you can
spend your time doing something else. You choose how often you want
Auction Alert to search for something, and it'll run quietly in the
background until it finds something you might be interested in.

10 Day Drop Shipping Mini eCourse
10 Day Drop Shipping Mini eCourse
  • Overview of Drop Shipping & How to Avoid Middlemen Scams
  • How & Where to Find Profitable Products to Sell
  • When to Use Wholesalers vs. Drop Shippers
  • Our Top Wholesale and Drop Shipper Sources Revealed that You Can Use
  • How to Sell Profitable Products on eBay
  • How to Profit with an eBay Store and Other Sites to Sell Online
  • How to Explode Your Profits Selling Online with Your Own Website

FREE For Basic & Platinum Members!

Make $150 A Day with ZERO Investment!
Bum Marketing

You can be a complete beginner to bum marketing and Internet marketing and still make money. I have for you a great money making report absolutely FREE...

This requires you to spend nothing at all on advertising. Just secrets that can make you some great extra money.

Also you get master resale rights with this amazing report and you can even brand it with your website or affiliate links. Sell it anywhere you like, even eBay and keep all the profits yourself!

FREE For Basic & Platinum Members!

Customer Testominial
"The customer support provided by is of the highest quality. All queries and customer support issues are dealt with promptly no matter how trivial. This is extremely important as it helps in getting profits in a shorter time.

They also provide an extensive step by step online guide to managing their turnkey website."

James Liburd

Customer Testimonial"First and foremost I would like to thank you for offering such a fantastic service!! I have paid for other lists many times over for more money than your lifetime membership, I have even been one of the people that have paid a monthly fee to use a drop-shippers service. I am a husband with a beautiful wife and we have 5 children, I was seriously injured in a accident at work 2 years ago and can never work a real job again, there has been no settlement and we were seriously struggling on my workers compensation checks, as my wife has to help take care of me and our 4 year old.

Your site has given me the chance to feel somewhat whole again, just because of the fact that I am making money again and supporting my family once again. So Nick, From my whole family we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for comprising this list and giving people like us the chance to succeed again!! We are eternally grateful!! Once I found your site and paid for it I honestly felt foolish for spending all that hard earned money on so many other failed offers. And every penny I made up to the point of signing up for your site was truly hard earned money!

Now here is the full truth of what happened in my life once I found and paid for your site, in 3 months I went from just barely making it to a bronze level power seller on EBAY, Yes it's true, in 3 short months I was able to achieve power seller status on EBAY.

People, you CAN NOT let this site pass you by you will regret it, there is no other offer you will ever need !! I know you have seen this said before, but if I can do it, anyone can!!!! What are you waiting for? Sign up!!!

Thank you so much again Nick,"  

Sean Madigan and the family !!!

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